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Instructions for online permitting applications

  1. Select type of permit and fill out all boxes of application (more than 1 permit may be selected).
  2. Permit fee will generate after estimated cost is inputted (Permit fees are based on the estimated value of the work being done. This includes labor and materials. If you are not paying for one or both of these items a fair value is still required.)
  3. Contractors, email copy of valid contractor's license & certificate of liability insurance to Ashley.Berent@MiddletownCT.Gov
  4. Plans, specs or other paperwork may be required based on proposed job. Please ensure a valid email address and phone number is provided so this information can be requested if needed.
  5. If you have any questions please contact the office at 860-638-4870 or email Ashley.Berent@MiddletownCT.Gov.


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Affidavit and Agreement (check one)

I hereby certify that ; I agree to call in advance for each trade inspection and not to conceal any work before inspection; I understand this is an application for a permit and in no way an authorization to start work, unless authorized by the Building Official under certain circumstances. I understand that when a permit is issued, it is to begin the approved work and grants no right to violate any code, ordinance or statute.